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    Exhibitor LIVE
    March 13-15
    Booth #1545 
    Mandalay Bay CC
    Las Vegas, NV 

All Fabric Exhibit™

Are you looking for an exhibit for your first show?  Are you on a limited budget?  Are you a long-time exhibitor with a big custom booth but need a simple 10' display for a "one-man" show?  What about something to take to an on-site job fair or ballroom show?  Take a look at our new All Fabric Exhibit package. We've sold the All Fabric Exhibit since we founded our business in 1977.  Now, by combining the original concept with our RasterPrint™ graphics and TILT™ Graphic Stand, you can have flexibility, portability, easy set-up, and big impact at the same time.  And, the whole package can be tossed in the trunk of your car or checked at the airport!

The package gives you the flexibility to put your best foot forward, no matter what type of space you're given.  For traditional 10' exhibit spaces with a provided pipe & drape, use the Maxi-Vision RasterPrint Backdrop as your backwall.  If there is no pipe to hang the backdrop on, then utilize the TILT Graphic Stand as a backdrop.  No table?  Order the optional folding table and you're set!


RasterPrint Throw Cover-  One of the most popular products in our line, this full-front throw cover will feature your graphic on the front, with the remaining 3 sides and top in a solid color from our Twill fabric offering.  As with all fabric components of the All Fabric Exhibit, the throw cover is durable, machine-washable, and FR rated.

Maxi-Vision RasterPrint Backdrop- Nothing says "notice me" like a big bright RasterPrint Graphic at the back of your exhibit space.  The Maxi-Vision Backdrop consists two solid colored pleated Twill panels flanking your graphic in the center panel.  Our backdrop clips clip all the panels OVER the tacky draping provided by the show decorators so there's no need to take them down.

TILT Graphic Stand-  The TILT is unique in that it is the only stand that can be shown either vertical, or HORIZONTAL.  The horizontal set-up makes it perfect for use as a backwall in situations where no pipe is available for the Maxi-Vision backdrop.  But, don't leave it at home when using the Maxi-Vision, order an additional vertical graphic and use it as a banner stand.  (OK, that was a blatant up-sell.  To be fair, you could use it horizontally as well, or design your graphic so it can be used either way.)

SPECIFICATIONS:  (This is the standard package, but different sizes are of course available.)

Maxi-Vision RasterPrint Backdrop
  • RasterPrint Graphic size:  40" x 96"h
  • Pleated side panel size:  (2) 40" x 96"h
  • Construction:  poly-twill fabric
  • Carry bag:  22" x 14" x 11"
  • Weight:  8.5 lbs

6' RasterPrint Throw Cover

  • Size:  72" x 30" x 28"h (for 6' x 24-30"w x 30"h tables)
  • Construction: poly-twill fabric
  • Carry bag:  packs with Maxi-Vision above
  • Weight:  3.5 lbs

TILT Graphic Stand

  • Banner Size:  36" x 78"
  • Construction:  poly-twill fabric, PC plastic & FRP aluminum
  • Carry bag:  44" x 10" x 2"
  • Weight:  8.5 lbs


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