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FS™ Floor Display

The Folding Stackable is the original folding/stacking display and its brilliant and simple design has yet to be matched in the industry. This lightweight and portable system consists of panels that unfold and stack on each other using a unique "no-tool" method. With a full range of panel sizes and accessories, the system is infinately configurable. Lights, counters, end caps, and backlit headers all pack into carry bags or rotomolded shipping cases for easy portability. Take a closer look at Folding Stackables and see why the Original is still the best.

Fabric Choices

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Folding Stackable Video



Below are our most popular configurations, but many more are possible.

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FS Classic 3P Stacked
FS Classic 4P 22-H Stacked
FS Classic 4P 28-H Stacked
FS Classic 3P-HH Stacked 2X


NEW!Scenic Drape Panels

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Speaker & Speaker Stand Covers

Cover speakers & their stands too

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