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RasterPrint™ PGS Backwall Display

The RasterPrint Portable Graphic System (PGS) is quite simply easiest and quickest graphic backwall on the market. Unlike "pop-up" displays on the market, the graphics on this system stay on the system during storage and transport so there are no graphic panels to unroll or magnetic strips to align and mount. Simply open the unit and snap the closures together and you're done. And the most important part of the system is in the name itself: RasterPrint. Each unit ships with our exclusive RasterPrint dye-sub fabric graphic mounted and ready to display. So you get the brightest, sharpest, most durable graphic on the market as part of your display. The RastperPrint PGS backwalls come in 8' and 10' widths, and in curved or flat configurations. Any can be specified with or without "end caps" graphics to cover the sides of the unit. Options include lighting, and a transport case that converts to a counter.

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RasterPrint PGS Video

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