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Table Covers

No matter the size or configuration of your booth, there is always a table that needs to be covered, hidden, or coordinated with the rest of the exhibit. And, whatever your requirement, we have an option for your table. Table Covers are also functional as they create instant hidden storage under the table.  The majority of the custom table covers in the Trade Show Exhibit industry are manufactured by Radius Display Products and have been for over 30 years. (We don't claim those disposable skirts that come with the rental tables however. We made our name covering those atrocities.) Our wide range of imprint options can be used to add your logo or message. Whether you're looking to simply cover a table in a coordinated color fabric, or if you want the table to be the center of your booth... We've got you covered. Or rather, we've got your table covered!  Just take a look below for all the ways we can cover it...
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The original table cover for the industry!
NEW!The Bi-Polar Table Cover
NEW!Water, oil, & bleach resistant
A quick, easy, inexpensive way to add pop to a table display.
A new form fitting look for your tables
From 6' to 8' and back in a snap
The elegant way to outfit your tables
A classic look that puts your logo front and center
Add a true custom look to your table with your logo repeated

Tension Graphic Displays

NEW!Sleek, lightweight, simple setup

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Speaker & Speaker Stand Covers

Cover speakers & their stands too

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